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"I want to be an engineer.""What advice would you give other engineers?""If you build a house that collapses, you’re going to get arrested. So you need to keep using the pendulum to make sure that everything is straight. Also, your cement mix has to be strong. You also need to be careful with the builders that you hire, or they will steal the cement from you.”"What sort of building would you build?""A factory that makes new books, so that everyone can have new books for school. All of my books are old and have writing in them."(Entebbe, Uganda)

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 #okay so this is pretty much 100% professor longbottom right here #because you know neville would kind of end up being the cool professor without knowing it #he would be the ~war hero legend that wears hipster sweaters before they became popular and has a scottish accent #and would totally have sunglasses 1000% and would wear them when the were out on the grounds cataloging plant life around the lake #and would only wear his robes part of the time b/c it’s hard to tend to plants in full robes duh #and would have all these weird pieces of jewlery that he wears because he got them in some foreign country while researching cacti or something #professor longbottom: unintentional hogwarts heartthrob

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kissing is great

but wow when you get to kiss someone you have feelings for and you’ve wanted to kiss them for the longest time and you get to stroke their face and you’re so aware of their body and how nice their lips feel

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Artist: Unknown
Title: Unknownvampire weekend gracefully handles a broken string during a live performance
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1. My birthday is September 24th
2. I have a birthmark underneath my right butt cheek
3. I have two siblings: a brother that is two and a half and a sister that’s almost a year old
4. I fall asleep watching How I Met Your Mother every night
5. I’ve never been in a relationship
6. I’m a freshman in college
7. I’ve never been drunk or high
8. The birthmark might actually be on my left butt cheek because I always get that mixed up. I am certain that I have freckle underneath my right eye that always gets mistaken for a spec of dirt.
9. I have my mother’s last name
10. I think you’re sexy, Sean.

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More fun facts about ancient Celtic marriage laws: There were no laws against interclass or interracial marriage, no laws against open homosexual relationships (although they weren’t considered ‘marriages’ since the definition of a marriage was ‘couple with child’), no requirement for women to take their husband’s names or give up their property, but comedians couldn’t get married

It’s Adam and Eve not Adam Sandler and Eve

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Faroe Islands